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Company name LEP INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.
Representative Tomokazu Kawamura

025-0098 LEP Building, 12-19 Zaimokucho, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture Phone : 0198-23-6600 (Weekdays 10:00 - 12:00)
FAX 0198-29-4244
MAIL info@lep-international.jp


December 2007 Opened the online shop "Sekai No Nine Bolt"

August 2008 Changed the name of the store from "Sekai No Nine Volt" to "Effector Specialty Store Nine Volt"

January 2010 Established LEP INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. Started effector domestic agency business

March 2011 Started handling the original brand "One Control"

April 2011 Released "One Control Iguana Tail Loop"

January 2012 Started overseas sales of "One Control"

January 2012 First exhibition of "One Control" booth at NAMM Show in USA

March 2012 Established own factory in China

June 2012 "One Control Crocodile Tail Loop" released

August 2012 Released “One Control BJF Buffer”

November 2013 Released "One Control Granith Gray Booster"

April 2015 Started selling original brand "Ninevolt Pedals" Released "Ninevolt Pedals Surfing Bear Overdrive"

October 2016 Released 3 models of original brand "Animals Pedal", "Major Overdrive", "Rover Fuzz" and "Rust Rod Fuzz"

January 2017 Opened Tokyo office (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

October 2017 "One Control Honey Bee OD" released

August 2018 Released 3 models of original brand "Effects Bakery", "Bagel OverDrive", "Croissant Distortion" and "French Bread Delay"

June 2019 "One Control BJF-S66" released

December 2019 Tokyo office closed

September 2020 “Effects Bakery An Butter Coppé Drive (made by Fukuda Pan)” released

December 2020 Animals Pedal, Custom Illustrated series released

September 2021 Release of "Effects Bakery NEW GINGER FUZZ"

March 2022 Effects Bakery launches "Suguru Foods Big Katsu Distortion"

September 2022 One Control "TORNADO Fx TORNADO Drive Brass" "TORNADO Fx TORNADO Drive Aluminum" released

Beware of fraudulent sites

Currently, we have confirmed the existence of a malicious and fraudulent site that uses the address and representative name of our company, LEP INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd., without permission.

These sites are not operated or managed by us, and we have absolutely no relationship with them.

On such malicious sites, there is a risk of not only fraud damage (such as the product not being delivered even after payment), but also personal information may be misused, so please be careful.

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