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■ About Aclam Guitars

Aclam Guitars manufactures accessories for music players in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.
All assembled and tested in Barcelona before shipping.

Aclam Guitars effects are vintage-style, bringing forgotten artifacts to life. We use the best components to recreate the classic tones of guitar and bass.

Since 2010, Aclam Guitars has been developing products for musicians with the best operability and durability, based on the belief that functionality, design, and quality coexist. With a passion for music, design and technology, we are constantly thinking about music equipment.

Born in the golden square of modernism in Catalonia, Barcelona, Aclam Guitars products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. All made for the player who is the true hero of the Aclam Guitars story.

Aclam Guitars' love of music and obsession with service does everything it takes to design projects, provide tools and support with passionate and dedicated staff and professionals.
At Aclam Guitars, we are constantly researching new technologies and exploring how they can enhance the creativity of musicians. The synergy created by this process lives on in Aclam Guitars' products and projects.

Music is emotional and has a powerful influence on people's lifestyles. Play according to your senses while thinking about your goals and intentions. We hope that Aclam Guitars will help musicians all over the world to enjoy their music and increase their passion.


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