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■ About Amptweaker

Amptweaker was designed and built by amp design engineer James Brown, and was highly praised around the world for its solid sound and versatile functions.
Mr. James Brown worked for a world-famous American amplifier manufacturer, and has produced many famous amplifiers with famous big-name artists.
Then, the pursuit of tone with effects became the legacy of Amptweaker.
Jack Thompson continues that legacy, and the second chapter of Amptweaker begins.

History of Amptweaker

Pedals are something Amptweaker can't live without. A magnificent, glorious little box that adds a plethora of sounds and effects to your everyday life.
The never-ending quest for the perfect tone brings us to the pedal again and again.

James Brown, one of the amp design gurus best known for the Peavey 5150, the iconic amp that changed the world of high gain amps, designed and built the ultimate overdrive fuzz distortion pedal for Tone. It's an endless curiosity.

Jack Thompson inherited that passion and decided to take over the company from James Brown.

James Brown makes no compromises. If James Brown is "satisfied" then the project is over.
James Brown does not clone or copy. We build our products with the best components. And it's all made in America.

They all became Amptweaker's legacy.
Amptweaker pedals don't mess around with knob placement in some pretty conference room. We strive to create the most perfect-sounding, easy-to-use pedals that can be enjoyed by as many players as possible.

At Amptweaker, we design, engineer and build the things we want to use and play. From the design guys to the packing and shipping crew, we all want to give players the best possible experience.

Jack Thompson


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