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■ About Area 51

All Area51 effectors are highly rated for their high quality.
Almost all of them are stacks of technology from devices created over 40 years ago.
Case-mounted jacks instead of board-mounted, audio-grade op amps, transistors, resistors, capacitors, silver bearing solders, hand-wound inductors...
Some people may feel that they don't care about this. But for Area51, these things matter.

Area51's goal is always to offer the best value for money.
Many of today's "boutique" pedals are constructed using automated machinery and surface-mounted components. And above all, everything is no longer handmade.
Is this why the word “boutique” has become a joke?

Area51 still uses the old method. I don't mind being called a stubborn one. All handcrafted from traditional through-hole components. The inductors used for Wah and The Alienist are also handmade.
It may be overkill by any standard, but that's Area51.

Area51 loves making little devices called effectors, and I hope that once it's finished and in the hands of a new owner, it won't come back.
We still make our pedals by hand, hoping they will be durable and stable enough to work flawlessly for years to come.


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