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■ About Black Arts Toneworks

Black Arts Toneworks was founded in the USA in 2009.
They produce handmade effectors for guitars and basses, and their sound and design have received high acclaim.
In January 2015, they worked on the circuit design of the “DOD Boneshaker” exhibited at the NAMM SHOW.

Mark Wentz has a background in disassembling and repairing various things. I built an amp based on the Mashall Super Bass for my band and it didn't distort at all. That's why I started making effectors to add distortion to amps.

The first was fixing a broken pedal that was in a closet or box. It was the Big Muff of the Black Russian era. I had 3 of these junk items and fixed one with working parts and now 1 works.
However, I did not like the tone and made further adjustments. I posted a recording of the pedal in an online chat at the time and they said they wanted the pedal. Thinking about it now, I think that was the beginning of Black Arts Toneworks.
When I was asked to make one, I answered that I would make one.

It all started with me recording a muff sound that I adjusted to my liking and sending it to chat. I had no intention of making pedals for anyone or becoming a builder.
But there were people who wanted it. I believe there were three of us at the time.
I named it Pharaoh and sent an e-mail to a friend who was working at a printing shop at the time (currently in charge of graphics).

If you plan to sell your pedals, it would be cool if they had artwork and a name. I came up with the name Black Arts Toneworks that day, but I had no intention of making more than three.
Before long, the number increased to 6, then 18, then 20, then 24.

Currently, Black Arts Toneworks creates effectors by hand with the help of trusted friends. All pedal art is done by artists, not musicians. This happened naturally, not because I was particular about it.


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