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■ About BYOC

BYOC is an effector brand founded by Keith Vonderhulls in 2004. At first, as an extension of my hobby, I made point-to-point fuzz faces, tone benders, and range masters.
When the BYOC started in earnest, there were three types of kits: Fuzz Face, Tonebender, and Rangemaster.
From there, BYOC became popular and grew rapidly. We now offer the world's top class DIY effect kits. But BYOC's goals have been consistent since its inception. It's about making products for guitarists and musicians that aren't DIY kits that just "just work", but production kits that rival and exceed complete stompboxes.
tone and quality. BYOC has both.

When BYOC started, there were no other manufacturers selling effects build kits, so it was easy to call ourselves the world's number one DIY effects build kit maker.
However, even now, BYOC effector kits are accepted all over the world, and many production kits are sold, and we are proud to be the world's number one DIY effector production kit maker.


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