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■ About ABM

About ABM
ABM is a metal parts company for electric guitars and electric basses founded in 1949, shortly after the birth of the electric guitar.

The most important thing for us is to maximize the sustain of the parts. That's why we manufacture all our parts from brass, steel and aluminum blocks with precision milling technology.

In addition, we do not only manufacture standard parts.
We have created special parts that perfectly fit each player and each instrument.
There were various things such as the width of the string, the depth of the groove, the angle, the size and shape of the parts, and the elaborate design.
And all of these valuable experiences continue to be used in our products.

Currently, we manufacture approximately 1,200 types of parts for players and musical instrument manufacturers around the world.
We take pride in the craftsmanship that is traditionally alive in Germany and the experience that has evolved with musical instruments, and continue to provide high-quality and functional parts that exceed the expectations of players.

■ Philosophy of ABM
Is it still better to make the parts of the instrument the same way and from the same materials?
We at ABM, who have walked along with the history of the electric guitar, always keep asking ourselves. Now and then, our commitment to producing the best parts we can offer remains unchanged.

Since our founding in 1949, we have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to uncover the secrets behind the differences in sound between different parts. Among them, the research on the difference between die-cast and machined products was very meaningful. We have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from this research.

Our products are the result of years of research and experience.

ABM has always been and will continue to explore what we can do to “manufacture parts that bring out the original sound of musical instruments,” which is our product philosophy that has been handed down since our founding. continues.

■ From solid blocks to bridges
Every guitarist wants to get the best possible sound out of their instrument. ABM's goal is to make that dream come true.

From block to bridge. Many musicians say ABM guitar bridges have an open sound that was previously hidden in wood.
ABM's products improve the sound quality of electric guitar basses and electronically improve sophisticated guitar pickups.

The role of the bridge is to convey the guitarist's musical expression to the instrument and return it to the strings. This part is the interface between the string and the body. The selection and processing of materials greatly affect the transmission of timbre.

To achieve the best possible sound, ABM products are milled from solid blocks or plates of homogeneous construction and high density. Precision CNC manufacturing, hand polishing and flawless metal surfaces ensure true sound. Various metals are used as materials.

Aluminum has a very fast attack and neutral sound transmission.
Bell Brass adds rocking midrange and tightens the bass. It offers overdrive and distortion overtones with excellent string separation and sustain.
Steel is a tone with sustain and upper height called Twang.

Brass and steel add character to the guitar sound, while aluminum has a more neutral tone.

■ History of ABM
In the late 1920s, the Muller family made a name for themselves as manufacturers of brass instrument parts. At that time, Schoenbach was one of the most important producers of stringed and wind instruments. After World War II, the area became part of Czechoslovakia. The Müller family was exiled and opened a grocery store near Nuremberg. And in the garage next door, Mr. Muller resumed production of musical instrument parts.

After the war, the company became an important supplier to German guitar manufacturers Hofner and Framus. The Müller family expanded their production facilities in Erlangen several times to meet the increasing demand. During the four decades of rock and roll, the electric guitar market has changed dramatically. America became a mecca for design and manufacturing, competing with Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. Hofner moved part of the production to China.

Framus exited the brand at the end of the 1970s.

Klaus, son of Horst Müller, took over the company in the 1980s, powering the scene of progressive guitar makers with high-quality components. Rock music has become faster, more distorted and detuned with fine tuner tremolo. Klaus provided the latest hardware to music stores and American distributor ALLPARTS. In parallel, we also deepened our partnership with a famous American guitar manufacturer. Dr. Klaus Müller was highly regarded by clients for his competent and open demeanor.

Unfortunately, Klaus passed away suddenly in July 2007. To find a suitable successor, Karat band guitarist Bernd Roemer introduced Jowo-Schreibfeder to Widow Müller's contacts. For more than 100 years, the company has been manufacturing high-quality pen nibs and mastering precision metal processing.
Tool makers Hildebrandt and his son took over ABM by early 2008. Production is still supported by former Erlangen employees and Berlin instrument specialists.

The new ABM works with industry experts to develop and manage products to international standards. It has a short signal path, a self-optimized production process and a transparent internal goods flow.

We are proud to supply products to world-renowned market leaders such as Gibson and Gretsch, as well as many other guitar manufacturers.

Today all ABM products are designed and manufactured in Berlin and sold worldwide.


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