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■ About BECOS

BECOS is a small team with experience in musicals, multimedia production, software and engineering. The team are "tech geeks" and have a philosophy of always producing the highest quality product to the end.

BECOS products are excellent tone shaping tools for professional musicians and sound producers. We create products with professional, best-in-class sound and features.

All designs are done in-house at BECOS. Many are designed with multi-layer PCBs and use an electroless nickel-plated surface finish for high durability. We do not use wires as much as possible, and try to keep troubles to a minimum.

PCB manufacturing, SMD integration, and housing printing are outsourced to third parties. The housing is the original Hammond aluminum housing, which is CNC machined in-house. We source the best electronic components from reputable suppliers and hand-assemble our products in our microlabs.
Metal film resistors are used preferentially, metallized film capacitors are used for audio signal paths, and electrolytic capacitors are mainly used for filtering. Use high performance dielectrics for low ESR tantalum and MLCC capacitors where appropriate. And we use audio grade IC with the highest sound quality.

In other words, BECOS pedals are durable, have high sound quality, and have low noise, and maintain high quality.
Rather than focusing on simplicity, we make adjustments to create the audio performance and sound you want. Sometimes complicated processes are required and the cost is high, but we still demand the highest quality. That is the BECOS philosophy.


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